Developments Breaking Ground in Leander

Developments breaking ground in Leander
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LEANDER — Leander’s plan for economic development centers on sustainable prosperity, or creating a place where residents can live, work and play.

“We want everyone to work in Leander, regardless of their education level,” said Kirk Clennan, Leander’s economic development director. “To do that we must have a variety of manufacturing, office, service, retail and public employment options available to residents.”

The plan has been years in the making, but businesses are dotting the horizon of Leander. Business complexes opening along Crystal Falls Parkway, the upcoming groundbreaking of Joule Biotechnologies and the popularity of Business Park 2243 are helping to make the plan a reality.

Other projects, such as Bill Hinckley’s Crystal Falls development, the transit-oriented development (TOD) and The Vision of Leander, will continue development trends in the city.

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“All of the public and private investment that is taking place in Leander is contributing to sustainable prosperity by diversifying our tax base,” Clennan said. “These are incremental steps in our overall endeavor to increase the employment and service opportunities to the community.”

Implementing the city’s economic plan takes a lot of work and planning. Clennan said several ways Leander is working to achieve its goal is through fostering entrepreneurism, undertaking a significant business retention and expansion program, attracting businesses to relocate to the city and trying to pursue destination tourism.

Despite the economy taking a toll on Central Texas, developments—residential and commercial—are still taking shape in Leander. Catering to small businesses and warehouses, Business Park 2243 is filling up fast with the potential to be full by October, a year after renovations started.

Hinckley’s Crystal Falls development, which will feature residential and commercial elements when complete, continues to build new homes and attract residents.

New developments are underway in Leander, but there is still more to come in the future. The Vision of Leander and the transit-oriented development are just two big projects that will shape the scenery of the city in future years.

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